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  • 4 April 2020
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Is it possible to put credit on another ID mobile from my ID mobile. I gave  my father in law a new Samsung, so he could video message during this lockdown. The direct debit has been taken ever month, but when he tries to call it says he has no credit .

1 reply

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Hey @NeilSumner331 


It might be because he has used up his allowances and this account has the Cap Limit set to £0 which means he won't be able to make call outside his allowances. Could you ask him to check it on the Account?


As soon as you login it will be visible on the dashboard just a quick scroll down if checking from the phone. It will look like screenshot below.



If this will show £0 on his account then he could increase the limit but I would recommend to look at purchasing an add-on as charges outside your allowances are 40p per minute. You can purchase an add-on on your Account or App as well. It will look like this screenshot



Let me know if my suspicion is correct and if I was able to help with your enquiry. 


Kind Regards