Best app game for kids?

  • 14 February 2019
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Can anyone recommend some fun (and possibly educational) games to keep the kids entertained during long car journeys etc? (kids aged 8 and 10)

13 replies

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Hi @TEC1

I have one game in mind which could do very well with children and it's helping them with imagination. Here is the link to download it. I enjoy this game myself :)

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My son LOVES jigsaw and colouring apps, if we're on any journeys (even just a few minutes!) he's always asking if he can use my phone to play on them.
I like word search games as it introduces him to new words and helps him with his reading. He also likes YouTube, but I know that eats your data!

Good luck!
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Non tec. If the kids can spell (or are learning) then 'Donkey' is a good word game. You set a limit of the minimum length of a word (typically 3 letters and above) and one player starts by simply saying a letter. The next player says their letter and adds it to the end of the word being built. The point of the game is to build a word, but to not complete one. The person who finishes a word gets the next letter from 'donkey' (so, 'd for the first word they complete, 'o' for the next...once you get to the 'y' - ie donkey you are out of the game). After completing a word the play starts again with a new letter being selected from the next player. The game continues until you have a winner. If a player adds a letter that seems to build a non-existant word, then instead of adding a letter, the next player can challenge. If the challenged player can't say a valid word based on the letters so far - then the challenged player gets their next letter from 'donkey' and the play continues with the challenger starting a new word. If the challenged play can quote a valid word, then the challenger gets their next letter from 'donkey' and the challenged player starts a new word. It sounds vastly more complex than it is. Just be wary - any valid word completes a word even if the player is thinking of a longer word (ie 'the' completes 'thesis' - so make sure any word you're thinking of doesn't contain a shorter one. And obviously, the word that you're thinking of may not be the direction that other players take the word anyway. Lastly - make sure you plan your word as well - no point of thinking of and building a word that ends up with you completing it anyway!
If the kids are older and that seems toooooo easy, then the same game can be played with 'before and after' - ie when a letter is said the player also says where the letter goes - at the start or end of the word.
You can start with the recommendation of other users on the App Store (Apple users) or Google Play Store (Android users) as a first step.

My daughter (8 years old) prefers playing hangman game application
For kids that are learning to read the 'Teach your little monster to read' app is really good. I had a reluctant reader so anything to do with phonics was always a battle. The game made it fun and soon got her attention, with the added encouragement of building on the levels without realising she was learning! Nice animation, a fun voice over and lots to explore.

Now she's a good reader but still likes playing the games with her sister and they both find it really funny too.
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Minecraft is always a winner! My 10 year old son also loves swing stick man and piano tiles (but recommend headphones for that one!)
My two love Where’s my Water? and Perry. Both puzzlers but colourful and get more tricky as you go along. However the more challenging parts are optional parts so good for most ages ( yes, I did have fun too!) Both games are also free via the Amazon underground app and won’t cost you actually cash for upgrades. There are paid for versions on other stores. Have fun, it’s quite addictive 😀
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Clash royale, clash of clans and brawl stars are one of the best games on the store that is suitable for kids. (they have been the most popular games on both android and ios for a long time)
As a Maths teacher I can highly recommend DragonBox algebra 5+. This is a fun game to play and will equip your child with the algebra skills that will take them through to GCSE. There are other DragonBox games from the same writers that are equally impressive. However, the element of the maths curriculum that holds most children back is algebra. Although it’s a paid app, it’s certainly worth it and much cheaper than hours with a tutor.
Wordscape...its a cross between wordsearch and crossword and they'll definitely learn some new vocab along the way! It starts off pretty easy too
I recommend the game called Brainy City, its fantastic for children as it engages them, but also helps them with their maths skills. Its got questions on fractions shapes and many more.
Hope this helped,
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Some of my daughters' favourite apps are:

Crossy Road
Monument Valley (excellent 3D puzzling game)
Candy Crush
Can anyone recommend some fun (and possibly educational) games to keep the kids entertained during long car journeys etc? (kids aged 8 and 10)Can anyone recommend some fun (and possibly educational) games to keep the kids entertained during long car journeys etc? (kids aged 8 and 10)

yes yes classic games are always the best for kids not to complicated or violent but still keep u entertained things like cut the rope or jet pack joyride xx