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Charged Twice for upfront fee?

  • 24 November 2021
  • 3 replies

Last night I applied for a pay monthly contract of 26.99 monthly and a 29 upfront free. Today I’ve noticed that I’ve had 2 payments of 29 taken whilst still not having received confirmation of my approval for the contract or the dispatch of the device? Is this normal?

3 replies

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Hi @Dylan1903,

Did you place the order twice by any chance?

Please could you also check your junk emails to see if you have received any emails regarding this?



Thanks for responding, I’ve checked and It looks like only one order placed. I’ve received one email confirming with an order number etc but nothing else in my junk or spam.


Thank you

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Thanks @Dylan1903, that’s good news then. If the payments are just showing as pending, then one of them should disappear shortly.

If both amounts do get taken though, just reply to this thread or jump on Live Chat and we’ll get one refunded for you.


Thank you,



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