Earbuds as standard?

  • 4 March 2019
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The new phone looks great. With the advances in technology, why doesn’t the latest phone come with earbuds as standard?

8 replies

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The new Galaxy S10 does come with earbuds, although they are wired. This shouldn't be an issue however, as the S10 still has the 3.5mm headphone jack, unlike many other popular phones nowadays. 🙂
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Sorry, I meant to say wireless earbuds. I find the wired earbuds sometimes snag on clothing and get pulled out of your ears.
Who knows if the new Samsung Galaxy 10 have 5g?
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Hi @Alexvan,

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 does support 5G network connections.

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The galaxy buds are around £139, so I'm guessing it's a money thing. Either they want to keep the cost of the phone down for people, as not everyone will want the wireless earbuds, or they want you to pay £139 for the wireless earbuds.
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I think happywondering has it right. I know with the iPhones I had over the years I never used the earphones they supplied (apart from once), but to Apple the cost of supplying them was probably small, in the region of a £1 or so in parts etc so didn't matter if they gave me something I wasn't going to use. If manufacturers started giving out wireless earbuds by default I would be the first to say I dont want that, can you knock £100 or £150 of the price of the phone as that's what I actually want. On a phone without a jack, if I wanted to listen in peace I have my headphones wirelessly connected which cost less than earbuds and are so comfortable. Jase
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Hi @Killa536

These guys are absolutely right

It all comes down to cost and profit margins.
I might add though, Samsung seems to like to undercut Apple by around £100.
This is to try to entice any Apple owners currently sat on the fence to make the switch.
Or indeed any other Android users not owning a Samsung.
This wouldn't be possible if they were to include wireless earbuds as standard as they are rather expensive.
I'm sure they make plently of money from their accessories range and wouldn't want to thow all that potential profit away.
They are a business after all.

You'll find though by pre-ordering from some places they usually give you a gift of some sort anyway.

Best Regards
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