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  • 11 February 2024
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I wantb to subsribe to ID Mobile. I have been asked to enter my email address and then confirm it which I have done. When I hit the Confirm button it takes men back to the email page and the Confirm Email is highlighted in red. I have entered it correctly. What is the problem?

2 replies

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Hey @Nick Leonard, iD Mobile have been experiencing issues with mobile network, iD website, iD app, and iD account online services since 9th Feb 2024. 

Difficult to understand why mobile network issues affect other iD services - but apparently it does.


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Hi @Nick Leonard 


As mentioned above by @andewhite there have been some issues recently which may have affected the website, however we believe this is all up and running again.


Please could you try again and if you continue to have issues, try on another device and/or browser?




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