Haven’t received anything from Id mobile after giving PAC information

  • 20 June 2021
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Hi I sent my pac on Id website to leave my old network and join this one and keep my old number but I haven’t received a txt or email to confirm this


i tried again on the Id app but it doesn’t recognise my pac code or old number 


can someone check my account if everything ok

7 replies

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Hi @RadiantScone @TorresNM 

Has your number now been ported over or are you still waiting for the number port to be completed?


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All porting requests are actioned the very next working day.

(as long as put in the request before a certain time - Usually 5.30pm)


This is across the board, all mobile networks! 🙂

If yours took four days then your request wasn’t received or actioned by ID Mobile until the day prior. 😞


There have been many reports on here lately (me included) where port requests were not actioned when submitted and had to be re-submitted before the port was actioned. Take note, you do not get any notification via email, text or phone with ID Mobile informing you about the status of your port request either.


As far as I can tell, most of the porting complaints found on this forum are from users who used the following form to submit their porting request:


I recommend that should you decide to port your number over to ID, you submit the request via your ID Mobile account here:

  • My services > Keep my number

Good luck! 👍

4 days?? oh dear..  I need my number to log into my work account, this is not good..

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It went through I have my old number back about an hour ago it takes alot longer then the app tells you it will took me 4days


thought I lost my old number for a sec 

I'm in the same boat

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18th June around about 3pm I think

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Hello @mathew khan 


Please can you confirm the date and time when you have submitted your PAC to iD?





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