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  • 7 December 2023
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hi, i think i’ve messed up here and hope someone can help me. i needed to change my plan and had no access to the app, so just bought a new SIM.

i assumed i could switch it over quite easily but apparently not 😅

i have finished my previous contract and tried to switch with the PAC number, but apparently you can’t use that while staying with the same provider.

how do i switch my number over (and account) onto my new plan?

thank you

2 replies

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Couple of options:

  1. Return your new order in it’s cooling off period, and then upgrade from your iD online account.
  2. Do a triangle port.



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Hi @s0ggyfrenchfry,

Welcome to the Community!

The options that @andewhite provided are correct as we are unable to move a number from one account to another.

If you require further assistance, please let us know.



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