My order was declined. Why?

  • 27 July 2020
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My recent order for a Sim Only deal was declined with the following message: "We’re sorry but we’ve had to cancel your order (xxxxxxxxxx) as it didn’t pass our internal security checks". I am contacting you to find out if there is a way to find out why?
It is the second time this year (6 months apart) and I am at a loss as to why I have been declined again.
As there is no option to contact you via chat or phone, I am posting this query through the ID Community.

Thank you.

7 replies

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Hi there @Rejected 

Are you over the age of 18?

Did you specify the item to be delivered to the same address as you put down as the billing address?

Were the payment details in the same name as you entered for the order (does the bank you used have the address exactly as you gave it to us)?

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for you reply. 

Yes to all three.

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What error message did you get @Rejected?

Are you able to try again and show us a screenshot of the message you received?  (don’t include any personal information in that screenshot though).

Hi Kevin,


I did not get any error messages. I received 3 emails:

  1.  First one: Success! You've placed your order with iD, and your order reference is xxxxxx ……..
  2. Second one: 

    Thank you for choosing iD.

    We apologise that due to the popularity of our current offers, we're currently experiencing minor delays in processing orders ready for dispatch……

  3. Third one: 

    We’re sorry but we’ve had to cancel your order (xxxxxxx) as it didn’t pass our internal security checks.

    Internal checks are carried out for the safety of our customers and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

I got the same emails the previous time I applied as well. 

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From previous experience, if you’ve failed this check on a number of occasions now then you may now be locked out of placing a new order with us for at least 90 days due to a potential suspicion of fraud.


The most common reason this sort of thing happens is if the card you’re using for Direct Debit or payment is registered in a different name or/and  address as where you’re looking to place the order.

Though on some occasions we’ve seen it be quite fiddly with addresses in cases where your bank might have things written in a different order to how you’ve given us the address when placing your order.


How many attempts have you done at this point?  If it’s only 2, then we can PM you to take a further look and see if you’re ok to try a third time.
Though before trying a third time you should potentially log in to your online banking or check in with your bank and ensure the details you have with them there are exactly as you’re giving them to ourselves when placing the order.

Hi Kevin.

Can you PM me please?

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Hi @Rejected, we only do that to access accounts, and as you don’t appear to have one, we won’t need to PM you and will continue to try and assist you here.


Was the card you used in your name?