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hi fellow member im thinking of joining but if possible could someone let me know if  POCO F3 5G works on the netwok

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Hi @kjacko,


That handset will indeed work on our network!



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Hi. I have this handset and it is working perfect. Also worth noting Volte, WIFI calling and 5g also work without any issues.

Hi. I have a POCO F3. I have been experimenting with what does and what does not work.


SIM 0 is virgin mobile. SIM 1 is iD mobile. Reversing the SIMs does not make any difference.


With WiFi off and the iD SIM disabled, virgin will manage 5G (not today :( ) albeit slowly (110Mb/s as opposed to iD up to 250Mb/s from my home). Virgin will toggle VoLTE on and the icon appears in the status bar and works - I can make a data connection while the call is live. VoWiFi does not appear to be available.


With WiFi off and the virgin SIM disabled, iD manages 5G very well. Both VoLTE and VoWiFi toggle on in the SIM settings but neither icon for VoLTE or VoWiFi appear in the status bar. If I turn aeroplane mode on and then turn the iD SIM on, the VoWiFi icon appears and VoWiFi becomes available and works but only under these circumstances. I have never been able to get the VoLTE icon to appear in the status bar. If I make a call through the iD SIM and try to make a data connection as the call is live, the data connection (ookla speed test) is a few Mb/s or there is no data connection. My understanding is that this means that the phone was switched over to 2G/3G, that the 4G connection switches off and VoLTE is not working, even though the SIM setting shows it to be on.


Piotrek - are you sure VoLTE and WiFi calling are truly working correctly (as opposed to just toggling on)?

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You can tell volte is working, if you make a phone call and it stays on 4g on top bar, that means volte is working. Mine also never show up on status bar but it is working fine.

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Wifi calling show up on status bar.


Thanks for that. I can only get VoWiFi if I turn aeroplane mode on and then turn wifi back on. However, I generally have 4-5 bars of mobile signal and I see you had 2. Do you find that vowifi toggles on and off depending on mobile signal strength (which I guess is maybe what it is supposed to do) ?


Are you sure about the VoLTE? As I understand it, if it was working correctly you would still have a 4G or 5G data connection when a VoLTE call was under way. At the moment I get 330Mb/s on iD 5G. With a call placed and VoLTE toggled on but no status bar icon, the call proceeds, I still have the 5G symbol in the status bar but the data speed drops to 1.7Mb/s (ookla speed test) which looks like 3G. Have you tried doing this test?



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As long as data stays on 4g during the call, volte is working. Regardless of transfer speeds.

Hmmm. Not sure that is correct. With the virgin SIM, which has the VoLET status bar icon, I still get 4G data speeds during a call. With the iD it drops to 3G speed - I think the SIM switched to 3G and that it is not a VoLTE call.


Why iD Mobile?