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I have recieved a PAYG sim only to use in an old phone for my 11yr old son. How can I find the phone number for this - there was nothing printed on the sim.

I live in an area with almost no phone signal at all - will it need to connect to the network for a while before it registers and I can find the number in the usual way?


Best answer by Nigel Campbell 9 June 2021, 17:11

Thanks - it was hidden on the receipt!  Solved.

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You can find the number on the packet the SIM was sent in. This may also be on your email(s) sent from us (not the order confirmation). If you can't find it this way, another easy way to get the number is to try calling a friend or family and getting them to confirm the number that shows.

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Thanks - it was hidden on the receipt!  Solved.

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Hi @Nigel Campbell,

Glad to hear that you managed to find the number. Let us know if you need help with anything else!