Not receiving UK texts in India and UK calls cant be connected.

  • 7 December 2023
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Hello. I am traveling in India. I need to receive text but they are not coming through. Calls from uk are not being connected. However have signal here in India and it is connected to a network. My billing is capped £1.


Can you please assist. Are there any app or phone changes that need to be made?

9 replies

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To add to above, roaming is enabled on the ID Mobile app. Also I updated my bill cap to £5 just in case, but I don't think is the issue...


I need to receive texts to access my UK accounts (banks etc) as they send OTP for login purposes.

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Text messages are free to receive while roaming @Hit

If there are UK organisations sending text messages, which don’t have your mobile number stored with the +447 prefix, it could be a problem.

Here’s the iD roaming charges for India:


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Ok. +447 does not seem to solve it. I had people try it .


Santander Uk sent me an OTP but I did not receive it. Also Air India with whom I booked the flight, i am no longer receiving OTP. A bank I use in India who send me international text, so would have my number stored in +447 format, sent me OTP but I did not receive.

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The only text i've received since landing is the ID mobile 'data advice' sms :

Looks like you're roaming outside of the EU. Be aware that roaming costs can be expensive, for information on your rates please visit

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Hello. Just to update here, i fixed ( partially) by change the setting on the phone and ID sim for 'prefered network type' from LTE to 3g or 2g. 

Texts are now being received. 

I still have an issue received the OTP text from Santander UK bank. Anyone else had a similar issue?

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Hi all, sorry my mistake. Santander OTP are now being received. My issue is resolved. 


Solution is to change the setting ID sim for 'prefered network type' from LTE to 3g (or 2g). 

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Hi @Hit 


Glad to hear you’re able to receive OTP texts from Santander now, however with switching to prefer 3G/2G, are you now unable to use 4G?



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When switching to prefer 3G/2G, are you now unable to use 4G?


I don't have any reason to use 4g or 3g as the ID mobile roaming cost would be too high. I just needed to receive ID texts ( and keep an eye on call logs).


I brought a local India sim for local calls and 5g access.

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Hi @Hit,

It sounds like this is resolved.

If you do require further assistance please let us know.

Also thanks for sharing the fix you carried out.




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