number not transferred and nobody is dealing with it!

  • 20 February 2021
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I took out a new pay monthly contract with ID mobile on 4 February. I submitted a PAC code when I ordered the phone the day before. I had a message to say my number had transferred on 8 February but calls from other iPhones were still (and are still!) going to my old phone. If I turn my old phone off the calls go through to my old (Orange) voicemail, 

I have been on the live chat thing (still 8 February) and had no joy whatsoever after two hours - I tried all the things like taking the sim out and putting it back in etc and fiddling with all the settings options. The person said they would escalate this to the technical team and someone would be in touch in two days. 

I rang carphone warehouse and was given an email address and I emailed and outlined the problem. I had a response about a day later saying it was with the technical team who would respond within two days (already two days since I was originally told that). I respond and say I need it sorted out and get another email acknowledging my “complaint” and saying someone would get back to me in two days (by this point the seemingly constant reference to everything happening in two days is already getting beyond tedious!). 

Then, a miracle happens. I get a phone call from an actual person in the complaints department! She is very nice and says it’s with the technical team and someone would be in touch again in a day or two (the two day rule escapes my attention on this occasion!). The phone call was on 11 February. I have heard nothing at all since!

I have sent several emails and some get a response a day later saying exactly the same thing which is that it is with the technical team who will l respond in 2 days (!) but now they seem to have stopped even responding to my emails. 

My contract on my old phone is now due to run out and I won’t receive any calls from an iPhone after that (which let’s be fair is most calls). I have said in one of my many unanswered emails that I will change my number if that’s the only option. 

Can anyone help with this matter? If not, which ombudsman do I refer a complaint to? 




5 replies

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@Sarag ,


Sorry to hear about the issues with your calls.

We have sent you a private message and we will be sure to get back to you there.




I haven’t had a private message 

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Hi @Sarag 

We can confirm we have sent you a Private Message. To view the message sent.  Simply click on your profile icon in the top right, then go to your private messages.


Hi there, I’m having a very similar issue. I’ve just started my new contract with ID mobile. I’ve moved from EE. I requested my PAC code on Thursday evening and I was told my number would be transferred over by Monday (2working days). I received a text from ID mobile saying,

Good news! You've transferred your number to iD. If you've yet to register for your iD account or app, be sure to use this transferred number when you do”


I commenced with setting up my ID account on the app with my new number and it worked. I was all set up on the app, I also set up my WhatsApp with my old number now on my new device which was fine as everything was there, however when anyone calls me or texts me, it isn’t coming through to my new device?? Can anyone help. It’s so frustrating that you can’t speak to someone over the phone because I’m now not getting any texts and calls. I’ve tried taking my sim out of my old phone but that didn’t work either. Please can someone help 

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Hi @Ollie-Ross 

We will send you a Private Message so we can look into this. To view the message sent.  Simply click on your profile icon in the top right, then go to your private messages.