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outstanding balance but DD set up

  • 23 November 2021
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I have just logged on to my ID account to find a red banner at the top that says I have an outstanding balance and I need to pay my bill. I have a DD set up so I am not sure why this has come up. This is a new phone but a continued contract with ID. I have checked the bill online and it states the DD would be taken 23/11/21…which is tomorrow (today now, I have checked the account late at night). Why would this banner show up if the payment isn’t late and is a DD? 

3 replies

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Hello @rowena89,

If you’re paying by direct debit, then the My Account online or iD app has got it wrong.

This problem keeps reoccurring for some customers when they’re looking at their iD account. Hopefully iD will get it fixed at some point.

If you’re paying DD your account should never have an outstanding balance. You can double-check using Live Chat, but you can ignore the warning - I’m sue it will go away after your DD is next collected.

Anyway, good luck.

I have just spoke  to them via live chat but I haven’t really got an answer. 
they’ve said to just wait until 28th as it should be processed by then and also to get it touch with my bank as it may be on their side. 
so I guess I’ll see in a few days. 
Yes my thoughts exactly….it should never be outstanding as it’s a DD

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Okay @rowena89, I believe if the first DD collection fails, iD will retry 5 days later.

It would only be a problem if the second attempt failed, but this shouldn’t happen if you’re paying by DD.

I hope iD get this glitch in their billing system sorted - it has got to be frustrating if you’re on the receiving end of this misinformation - anyway, good luck.


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