Pay monthly phone - combined bill required

  • 10 February 2024
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I am looking at purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra over a 24 month period.

I am able to expense the entire monthly payment if the handset price and airtime are bundled into one monthly cost & not split out / itemised on each monthly invoice. 

I understand that many of the larger networks (O2 / EE / Vodafone / Three) now split the cost of phones into a handset bill and an airtime bill. 

I have asked the ID mobile live chat whether they split the costs or combine, but they weren’t able to confirm either way, nor were they able to provide me with an example invoice.

Can anyone shed some light on how the pay monthly contracts are billed? 



1 reply

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Hi @NB12345 


There is no split bill between the device and the SIM card.


The device and tariff you pick is a factor in the monthly price, however there is no actual split between what you are paying for the SIM or the device, it’s all one bill.




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