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  • 16 August 2019
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Good day!

Does anyone else occasionally get this kind of pop-up during a web browsing session? Earlier today I received this while using mobile data, and it is not for the first time.

Obviously here the network logo is incorrect (but is correct for the physical carrier), the month name is not capitalised, and... well... it looks too good to be true. The real giveaway is the originating web site: https mobilehappyuser dot site.

The phone is an S7Edge, which is up to date with patches and using the Firefox browser. In the past, pop-ups have also occasionally occurred using Chrome, but also only on mobile data.

So, does anyone know why these pop up, and how to prevent them?


1 reply

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Hi @AnthillMob,

Hmm this definitely looks like spam and would not be a legitimate offer from the Three network. It's looks like a generic pop-up that should not happen in normal cases.

Have you downloaded any apps or games recently/since it started happening? Some apps can create pop-ups once installed and the only way to remove them is to uninstall the app causing this.