Roaming not working in Portugal

  • 2 March 2020
  • 3 replies

While in Porto last week, I could not get internet or make any calls, I thought roaming is available in Europe?

3 replies

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Hi Riaz,

We are sorry to hear this! You should be able to roam in most places abroad, especially when visiting countries within the EU. Do you have access to our app? If so, you can check on there as to whether or not the roaming feature is enabled because this will need to be done to use your phone abroad. Data roaming will also need to be turned on within the settings of your phone to allow the phone to connect to the foreign data network.


Thanks Ryan

I had checked both 
Roaming Feature was enabled

Data roaming turned on

It was quite frustrating to not have internet or being able to make calls.



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Hey @Riaz 


I travel to Portugal very often and I had the same problem on my first trip. I found that manual network search helped me to get connected. You could maybe try that as well and let us know how did it go.


You can find manual search in the connection settings. On my Samsung it's Settings -> Connections -> Mobile Networks -> Network Operators 


Kind Regards