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scammed by 08451349109

  • 6 January 2022
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dispite blocking all 0845… calls to my iD mobile, +448451349109 was allowed through for a few seconds; after checking the origin of the call myself and hanging up, my bill is showing a 16 minute call and large charge; how do i get a refund?

9 replies

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Hi @willweston,

Can you advise if the call log on your phone also shows the phone call being 16 minutes?



Yes it did, 16 minutes call from me logged, don't know how 

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How did you get scammed by answering an incoming call? Was there an IVR requesting that you press 1 for this or 2 for that? A google search returns no results for that number. Can you provide more information?

Because the call avoided my block, i rang back to check, few seconds only but 16 minutes clocked 

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Inbound call blocking can only be done on your end, via the device itself. Why would you return a call from a 0845 number? No reputable business uses them anymore! They use 03 numbers which are included in your call allowance. 

Also, it’s worth noting that 0845 numbers are not classed as premium phone numbers. The Premium call bar feature will not prevent such calls. 0845 calls are charged at 45p per minute and if you spent 16 minutes on the phone to one then you will be billed for it. It’s not a scam, it’s an oversight (at best) on your part IMO.

Anyway, maybe ID Mobile will make an exception in your case. Good Luck!

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Hi @willweston,

As you mentioned that your phone also shows a 16 minute long call log, this would mean the phone had the call active for that long, so there wouldn’t be a billing issue from our side I’m afraid. Did the call definitely end after you called that number back?


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It’s suprising how quick 16 minutes can pass on an adult chat line… lol… it really did only feel like seconds, but sixteen minutes later… :yum:

Thanks guys.

I rang back (stupidly) to see who had got around my block; i hung up quickly when automated voice responded, but somehow it clocked up 16 minutes.

just wanted to warn others


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Thanks for warning @willweston,

Best to not call the number just to avoid any charges.

You can also set a cap on your account via the iD app/account to stop any out of plan usage being incurred.




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