SIM Card Not Inserted error on A40

  • 26 May 2020
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I bought a new A40 at the beginning of March, along with a new IDMobile SIM.

The phone worked fine for several weeks, but now regularly displays the error “SIM Card not inserted”, and I cannot make calls.

Restarting the phone seems to fix it, but it often recurs  - usually at least once a day.

I have taken the SIM out, made sure it’s clean and unblemished, and re-fitted it carefully. The problem recurs.

I have put the SIM in another phone, and it works flawlessly in the other phone.

The A40 has the latest version of Android installed.

So it looks like it’s a physical fault with my phone.

Please advise as to what solution is available to me.



5 replies

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Hi @hlavery 

Sorry to hear this. 

I have sent you a direct message with more information. 



I'm having the exact same problem with my A40 sim card not inserted, unable to make or receive calls, any help would be great

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Hi @Iankelsey2 

Welcome to iD Community.

Can you please check the APN settings are correct , you can do this by clicking on this  page.

Let us know if it worked.



My son has been having exactly the same issue with his a40 since I got it for him, unfortunately due to undergoing treatment for cancer I've been too poorly to do anything about it before now other than get him a replacement sim which did not fix the issue. 

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Hello @DaveonMako,

Sorry to hear that, I do hope you’re keeping well.

Did you activate the replacement SIM on

Additionally, is the SIM card working in other devices?

It sounds like it could be a handset fault but ensuring that the SIM is activated, take out the SIM card and clean it.

If it’s still not working, is it possible to visit a Carphone Warehouse store so the Team can look into this as the handset may be faulty.