Smahed phone

  • 8 March 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi, the back of my p20  pro is smashed. I’ve had it 7 months and was wondering if i would be able to send it back to be repaired and if so would i get a replacement phone in the meantime, while my handset is being fixed?

2 replies

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Hello @Hayleyg911 


I would recommend for you to pop in to your nearest Carphone Warehouse, they will be able to log the repair and give you a quote on the repair as well as they have facility to provide you with standby phone if any are available at the time of booking the repair. 


Kind Regards


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Hi @Hayleyg911 

We’re sorry to hear you’ve had an accident there with your phone.

Accidental damage wouldn’t be covered under warranty, so a repair would be chargeable.


What @Gregor has said above would be a good way to find out how much any such repair would cost, if your local store does have stock of any loan phones then you’ll be able to pop your SIM into that for any duration of time it’s sent off for to be fixed too.