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Speed is abysmal despite dull signal

  • 25 November 2021
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I just switched to iD mobile, back on Vodafone I generally got around 20 megabits down, sometimes higher, sometimes lower.

iD is getting almost unusable speeds, well below 1 megabits. 

As you can see, I supposedly have full signal. Web browsing works OK but anything else is unusable.

Any ideas? 

3 replies

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Hello @yotoprules,

Have you checked if there are any network issues or problems in your area?

You can do this using the Three Network Status Checker - iD use the Three UK network.

Anyway, good luck.  

No problems in my area apparently.
Sometimes I get 20 then it drops to like 1-2 megabits…
I’m switching back to my previous provider (Vodafone) which has a much more consistent connection.

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Hi @yotoprules,


We’re sorry to hear you’ll be leaving.


If you require any assistance with that though, please let us know and we’ll get right on that for you.




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