Switching number problem

  • 5 April 2019
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I recently switched my number from three mobile. My phone was working before but now I can only receive texts. I can't send texts or make calls. It has been over 24 hours since my three sim stopped working and the ID sim took over the number. I seem to be stuck in between switch over.

3 replies

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Porting the number usually takes two or three working days. You should have everything back to order within that time period. It is recommended that you could try rebooting your phone from time to time to see if things are back to normal.

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Thanks for your reply.
The porting was started on Tuesday 2nd. I began having problems on Thu 4th. I waited 24 hours and the problems continue. It is now Sat 6th so I have been without a fully working phone for about 2 days.
I have research the internet for possible solutions. I deleted the cache yesterday, reset network settings, deleted all the phone apps, and today I am going to try factory resetting the phone.
I know this is not going to work because the phone and sim were working fine up until Thu 4th.
However, I'm desperate. I tried emailing ID mobile Fri 5th but no one has replied. I was also on the phone (on hold) for nearly 3 hours. I gave up waiting. To add to my frustration, my pin is not recognized so every-time I ring using my wife phone, I have to go through three failures before it will even put me on hold.
To recap. I regularly reboot my phone in the hope that it has been fixed. I have swapped the sim over, so I know it is not a phone problem. I can only receive texts and calls. I cannot make calls or send texts. This is a problem on ID mobiles side as the number has successfully switched over. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I finally got to speak to customer service. (If you wait until the weekend you get the call center in India and they always answer). ID Mobile are having difficulties and it won't get fixed until Monday 8th. A simple text message to customers or a message on the ID App would have helped but clearly no one thought to do this. As regards waiting until Monday I knew that was going to happen because porting is not something ID mobile do over the weekend. That's why I tried so hard to get it done on Friday. Oh, they also confirmed there are problems with the Live chat. I did the customer service survey after the phone call and selected the option to add a comment afterwards. That last bit is also not working.

Thanks to Hikari for atleast trying to help me out.