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The number you have called is not recognised

  • 5 January 2020
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I get the following message when calling certain numbers from my id mobile phone. If use a different network I can call these numbers. Is it possible that the ID mobile network has not been set up to recognise certain number ranges?

3 replies

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Hi @Nemo 

Are these public or personal numbers you are calling?

Are you able to send texts or receive calls from these numbers?


Are you using a different network on the same or different phone?

Have you tried typing out the number instead of calling from your contact list?



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These are private numbers

I have tried again and I can now phone and text these numbers and they can phone and text me.

However I still have one problem as follows:-

Using a number on the O2 network, I can phone and text a certain id mobile number but if I send a command to the O2 network to forward calls to this same number id mobile number the command is rejected. A command to the O2 network to forward to any other number works OK.


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Hi @Nemo,

That does sound strange. We wouldn’t be able to investigate a failure on O2’s side/system, so we would advise contacting O2 first to see why they are unable to place the number forwarding request on your account. Let us know how it goes!



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