Unable to order a SIM

  • 29 September 2019
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Ive tried several times over the last week to order a SIM to swap to your network, but every time your system tries to take the 0.01p payment it appears to do something then fails back to the payment page with no error. No payment is being taken my end. Ive tried multiple browsers/devices and even different cards to no avail.
Why does this not work, it's not exactly inspiring confidence.

Cheers Neil.

2 replies

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Hello @neilkachu

I am not sure why payment system does not work, to answer this question we would need to wait for one of iD Mobile employees to help. I could suggest alternative option for you though. If you willing to try, you could order your sim through Carphone Warehouse website. You should be able to get excatly same deal in there as well.

Let me know if you this worked for you.

Kind Regards
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Hello @neilkachu,

It sounds like the internal security check is failing for your order.

We won't have an exact reason as to why this is but it may be worth checking to ensure your delivery address matches the billing address and the card you're using for payments matches the billing details of the order. i.e. under the same name, address etc.