unable to receive texts since porting my number to iD

  • 17 January 2020
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I have ported my number from O2 to iD, using Iphone 11pro

I am unable to receive texts where two-way authentication is enabled and the organisation sends me a verification code to be able to login (e.g. eBay, PayPal, Tax office).

I have checked all my settings, the correct number is in both phone and message settings.

I tried with iMessage on and off.

I tried rebooting the phone.

Nothing works and I cannot login into my other accounts without the verification codes from the organisations that send them.

Please help!!!

8 replies

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Forgot to add that I am able to receive texts from people who are in my contacts (most use iMessage)


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Is iD Mobile set up to allow me to receive 6-digit text verification codes? 

Is the limitation could be how my mobile phone is configured (worked whilst O2 sim was used) or how my mobile account is set up?

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premium numbers are enabled

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I also have a top up cap set to £5

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I spoke to my bank (tesco), although their number where they send the verification codes from may come under the radar as a “premium” number, their messages are not premium and free to receive.


Having said that, although the premium services on my account are enabled and I have £5 capped limit, I cannot receive any messages from any organisations be it my bank or tax assessment when they send me an account verification code

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Today I tried authorising Apple Pay and adding my card to the iPhone wallet. Guess what? They sent me 6 digit authorisation code which I did not receive.

can someone please look into this please?

any at iD care enough to answer?

i spoke to customer service on the phone but the lady did not have a clue what I was talking about. She said it’s all premium numbers (which are enabled and I have extra credit on the account).

Apple pay or tesco Bank sending authorisation codes are not premium numbers but you are still blocking them.

can someone get to the bottom of this please?

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Hello @laskes,


Thanks for contacting us here.


I’m sorry to hear you are having an issue with receiving the codes from any service when trying to set-up an account/verify.


Could you please email us  so we can pick this up for you?

Though, if you have Social Media, it may be better to contact us via Twitter or Facebook so we can pick this up much quicker as responses to emails can take up to 72-hours.


Once you have contacted us, we’ll pass this over to our TechTeam to resolve.