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  • 2 April 2024
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I have uploaded the NEW ID Mobile App and gone through everything but then right at the end it asks for my mobile number, surname and date of birth which I have completed several times and it keeps coming back saying oops something went wrong can you try again??

Can someone please help and assist me as I now cannot log into my app to check the data left, current bill and details etc?

Let me know ASAP please.

Kind regards

Billy Masero




5 replies

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Same here. Just keep getting verification codes but nowhere to put them. Bit of a mess really. 

I have the same problem how do I fix this I have deleted the app and then reinstalled still doesn’t work

Seems to be a very common problem, if you look at all the replies under their announcement of the new app.  I’m experiencing the same - entering my mobile number and details in order to get the security code, and it fails every time.  Or, I get multiple codes sent hours later to my phone, by which point they are ‘out of date’.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times.  I saw one update on here trying to claim that the reason for this is due to a high volume of users all attempting the same process during ‘peak’ times, and to try at less busy times….  Total nonsense.  I’ve been trying repeatedly at all hours over the last 24 hrs.  And this shouldn’t be an issue anyway, I’m so sick of companies using the excuse of either an ‘unprecedented’ or ’high volume’ of calls/users - create a system that WORKS for a high volume of users then??

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Mam ten sam problem, próbuję się zalogować od kilku dni sprawdź ile mam jeszcze internetu. Wczoraj też dostałem wiadomość, że tak będzie do 3 kwietnia, a dziś jest 3 kwietnia - ale nic się nie zmieniło i nadal jest problem z logowaniem!!! Nie podobało mi się to od samego początku, kiedy poprosili mnie o ponowną rejestrację! - Dlaczego? - Od jakiegoś czasu jestem w ID???

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Hi @Bill Barker 


I’ve removed your phone number from your post, please avoid posting private information while on the public forum.


@Hatter @Steve Doran @DM28 @Meg Prus 


The team are working on some issues with the new app, apologies for any inconvenience caused, we’d recommend keeping an eye on the following post.





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