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upgrading to iphone 11

  • 25 November 2021
  • 2 replies

im thinking about switching my phone to a iphone 11, i have a sim only with my current phone that i brought, could i use my current sim and it would auto cancel the old contract and then it would switch over and i woud get paid for the iphone 11 contract and not my sim only?

2 replies

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Hello @JamesHarris,

If your existing iD SIM is a nano SIM you could use it with an iPhone 11.

Are you wanting to upgrade from a SIM only plan to new iD contract to get your iPhone 11 with a new plan? If you upgrade, I reckon your old plan will be cancelled as part of the upgrade process.

Anyway good luck.

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Hi @JamesHarris,


As long as you have had the SIM only plan for a minimum of 6 months and kept up with payments, upgrading to an iPhone won’t be an issue.


And as @andewhite advised, upgrading your plan would mean the old agreement stops, and the new one with the iPhone would take it’s place whilst retaining your number.


Hope this helps.




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