What was your first mobile phone? (Add a photo!)

  • 5 April 2018
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Mine was a Phillips C12, look at this beauty....

7 replies

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Very nice @Fupps..

My first phone was a Nokia 3210 and I loved it, I even remember the covers I had. I thought I was so cool. Thanks for bringing back old memories. Really good post!

Nokia 5110 in 1998

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Hi @Fupps

I'm getting a wave of nostalgia!

Mine was a Nokia 3391. I used to spend hours playing Snake 😎

Good ol' Motorola Startac 👴🏼

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This old Orange phone,

My first Android :)

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What a great thread idea @Fupps

I think I was fairly lucky, my first phone had a camera (albeit VGA)

This badboy NEC E122 had a 12 second video recording limit!


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Can anyone relate to this meme