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When ringing a certain number it says invalid number

  • 10 June 2021
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I rang a number on Saturday absolutely fine had conversation etc.

I have been trying to ring the same number since and my phone says invalid number. I tried from my Partners ID mobile phone same problem. All my friends can ring the number from their networks.

I tried the Volt... I have re booted my phone. Deleted the number and the  re saved. Tried to ring it just typing in the number

Nothing works! If no phones in my house work for the same number what happens when another number does not work. Would have to change network when you have managed to just sign me into a contract

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5 replies

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I responded to your other post in the thread here: 


But just for anyone else that stumbles across this thread, I posted the following response in the thread above:


The number is 0161 773 6564 it has to be the network everyone I know has been able to ring from other networks 

I had to get my friend to ring them for me and she got straight through


I just tried calling it from my son’s ID mobile phone (pay monthly) and got a recorded message:

“The number you have called is not recognised. Please check the number and dial again.”


I can call it using my landline and Vodafone mobile phone.

So, the issue appears to be with ID Mobile.

So it would definitely seem to be the network

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If the number had been ported from one provider to another it could be the result of a split port. However, you said you could call it fine last Saturday? While possible, I doubt they have ported the number since then. So, yes. I think the issue is indeed with the ID Mobile / Three network and as a result, ID Mobile will need to look into this further.


A member of staff will probably respond to your query sometime tomorrow. 👍


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Hi @Lozza0879,


I see we have now sent you a Private Message regarding this.



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