Where's My Mobile

  • 16 July 2019
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New customer to iD after many years with Virgin. Ordered a new Samsung A50 and it arrived with a cracked screen. iD sent a returns label and I got a receipt from Carphone Wharehouse on 8th July to say they had received it.

Been chasing (phoning 7777 on my wife's phone) my replacement phone with iD ever since and still being charged for my contract,though I don't have a phone.

They say they can't find my returned phone even though they sent a receipt for it stating time they received it (10.36 on 8/7) and the name of the person who signed for it!

What a company-any ideas please?


1 reply

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Hi CJ, we're sorry to see that you are in this position and it's disappointing the phone phone appears to have been lost after you've sent it back to us.

Can you please email us at with the details of your account so we can ensure this is sorted for you.