wifi calling from abroad

  • 8 March 2020
  • 2 replies

I am currently abroad using the apartment’s WiFi. Can I use this to make calls out of my allowance- without being charged?  

2 replies

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Hey @Kw5 


As long as you call anyone using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger while connected to WiFi then you won't be charged for that call. If you make a call to a mobile number then you will either be charged per minute or from your allowances, depending on the country you are on.


WiFi Calling always uses your allowances, it is just a way to connect when your Mobile Network coverage is weak.


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Where is it you’ve gone to @Kw5?

You could have a look how much it would cost to use your phone abroad (if it’s not inclusive) on our website here:

Just click the “Roaming” tab and find the country you’ve gone to there.