Can I transfer mobile account from parent to child once they reach 18

  • 22 May 2020
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Signed up to ID mobile account for my daughters phone few years before she was 18. Now she's 19 and wants to take on the account and pay for it directly from her own bank.  Is this possible.  She doesn't want to lose the number she has currently and doesn't like hassle 😅

6 replies

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Hello @Olderbutwiser,

Unfortunately changing the name of the account owner to reflect your daughter's name would not be possible, she would need to sign up for her own contract.

Kind regards,

Thank you. Would it be possible for her to take the existing mobile number from me once she creates a new account. i.e. Could my daughter open her own account and then use a PAC number I give her from my account so she retains the number she has grown accustomed to having. As I said initially, she doesn’t want to lose the mobile number she currently has use of.


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Hey @Olderbutwiser,

PAC codes can’t be used when given to the same network and the number isn’t able to be transferred directly to a different plan, the only way around this would be to port the number to a different network and then back to the new iD Mobile plan.


Thank you. 

I have exactly the same issue, I have 3 children on my account each having their own phones and numbers.

My oldest is going to university and wants a new iPhone plan in her own name but wants to take her number to the new phone. 

I think from what has been said in this post that to do this she cannot stay with ID Mobile.

This seems crazy as all that is required is totally within  your control.

Perhaps I should close down my account and move all my children's phone to another network.


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Hi @Meganholly, it’s correct that we would not be able to transfer it right over, and that the number would have to temporarily leave iD mobile first.


We’re sorry if this means losing you as a customer all together.