Free data roll over - Three Lions Add-On

  • 2 August 2018
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I had free data rolled over (450mb) this month which was added to my new monthly allowance (250mb) to give a total of 700mb. I have used almost 300mb and my ID appreciate shows that I still have over 400mb left. However received a text today informing me that I had now used over 80 percent of my allowance. The rollover was from data given free as a World Cup promotion. Can I ignore the text and reply on the balances showing on the app to ensure that I don't get billed for additional usage?

1 reply

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Hey @walker182,

Can you attach a screenshot of the text you received exactly?

The Three Lion's Add-on was one offered to celebrate England getting to the World Cup Semi Finals.

We're aware of texts going out which the wording says "80% of your add-on" etc are going out to customer's when 80% of the add-on has been used.

This has caused confusion for some customer's as they're mistaking it for their normal allowance.

Double check the text and send us a screenshot here and we'll advise further!