ID applied a default to my credit report when I disputed and delayed paying my final bill

  • 7 January 2019
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Has anyne had issues with disproportionate credit defaults being applied by ID? I left the service last year, and disputed my final bill (of £15) as ID didn't action my account closure request on time. I paid the bill after two months to avoid hassle, and they subsequently reported a default on my credit file. This is now causing credit issues (mortgage, credit card), huge strain on my family, and affecting my mental health, for the miniscule size and nature of the payment amount.

5 replies

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Hi ajw2269, we'd like to investigate this for you to determine if the marks on your credit file have been applied correctly.

Normally payments would continue to be made but if something's happened or the disconnection was delayed we'll sort this for you.

Can you please email us so we can confirm the situation.


I had a similar case. I disputed an overcharge and cancelled payment until resolved. After getting no responses and going to FCA on their advise I paid outstanding amount. After doing so ID mobile cancelled the contract and ordered me to pay the remainder of the contract. Again after trying to contact them several times with no luck they actioned a default which has now stopped me from getting a mortgage.

The call centre in South Africa is completely useless and can never answer your questions. Worst experience of a phone company I have ever had.
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Hi @ben carew,

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. If an outstanding bill has not been paid, then after a while the contract will be closed due to non-payment and a default may be placed on your credit file due to this, and this is a process used by all mobile phone networks you see.

it was being disputed. I sent more than one email without reply and called many times without being able to speak to someone helpful. Without a call or email a default was placed which has completely messed up my credit for 6 years. I still cannot even speak to someone who can help with getting it settled. Hopefully legislation will be passed to stop bullying mobile networks being able to handout defaults just because they want to.
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Hi @ben carew,

I understand, and I apologise if that has been the case. If you need us to look into anything else further, than please contact our Live Chat team here; they will be able to help in real-time.