MMS charges on texting

  • 27 September 2018
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Done the chat on line and phone calls but still not resolved this issue. Why is one number in my contacts always charged as mms when I have only set a simple text no pictures or emojis. Although ido send emojis to other contacts they do not show up in add on as a charge. This was passed to your technical team, I got a text saying they have checked and the billing is correct. This needs resolving I’d have obviously got a problem here you only have to look on line.

3 replies

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Hi @Martin57,

We're sorry to hear about this. I've come across a case similar to this in the past where the issue was isolated to just the one person in the contact list and the outcome was that the persons phone number was listed as a premium/special number with their mobile operator and this was the reason for the extra charges whenever they were being contacted via SMS.

This could mean that your friend may need to contact their network to raise this with them too.

Let me know how you get on.

If this is the case why didn’t happen with my previous providers??
i have had to turn the MMS OFF!
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MMS may have been included with your previous network, however, we can't advise on your previous networks rates.

What I can do is point you into the direction of our MMS page from our website which has more information about this and how to prevent this.