network error when trying to make a call/send texts

  • 8 January 2020
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I have a bundle that hasn’t run out yet but I’m unable to make calls ( the phone says I have no credit) and send texts. I have tried my sim in a different phone, I had the same problems. I haven’t changed any phone settings either. It was literally working one day and not the next. I have a strong network signal and can receive calls and texts.  Please help!?!? 

7 replies

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Welcome to the iD Mobile Community @Sam79 

Within your iD Mobile Account, does it state any expiry date on the bundle you last bought?

What error message does your phone give you when you try to make an outbound call?

Are outbound texts and your data working?

Hi Kevin

bundle isn’t due to run out until midnight on the 10th. 
I haven’t been able to make calls for three weeks now, Id voice comes on and insinuates I have no credit. 
I cannot text or use any data. 
I spent over an hour on online chat last night to be told to contact back Friday to see if coverage in my area was better. Absolutely disgusted. 

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Hello @Sam79,


Can you clarify if you are on a PAY-AS-YOU-GO plan or a PAY-Monthly SIM-only plan?


PAYG being the one where you have to top-up credits/buy bundles and PAYM being a monthly plan via Direct Debit.



Pay as you go. I buy a bundle every month. I’m due to buy a new bundle today but to be honest I don’t want to as I didn’t get to use last months so until the problem is fixed I’m not going to. Online chat is still asking me to wait to see if coverage in my area improves. I’m not paying for a hit or miss service so I don’t understand how that can be put to customers. There’s obviously a network problem and ID are taking too long to fix it. The last time I used my phone was mid dec. 

I stated in my first message that this was a bundle. Why do ID customer service ask you to repeat information, I feel that this is just to prolong customer services received. The online chat is the same, 1 hour to just ask me for the SIM card number?!?!? Totally unreasonable!  I don’t really feel like anyone is looking into my problem. 

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Hi @Sam79 , we’re sorry that you feel this way, we understand now that this has been ongoing for sometime but we’re just trying to get more information in an effort to try and help.


Please can you email us with some account details so we can investigate.


Can you also confirm if you are unable to call any numbers or if the issue is limited to chargeable numbers such as 0870 numbers.


All numbers, all texts. 
I credited my phone with another bundle last night too and still no change. 

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Ok, thank you @Sam79 

Please send us your details and we’ll work out whats going on and how to sort it for you.