Charged out of rate plans but data left

  • 21 August 2018
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On the app - allowances tab says 450 mb data left. 2GB allowance + 1GB add on.
Been charged 5£ (cap) for out of rate data. Add-ons tab says no active add ons. Which is correct?

Ive now been charged a fiver i would have used to buy an add on had i know i was low.

Why isnt their a 0£ cap to out of plan spending? Quick buck for you guys i guess. Fed up of ID at the moment.

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Hello @Max703862,

Without access to the account it's going to be hard to investigate this one or for us to advise generally.

I've PM'ed you with how we can get this resolved.

In regards to the £0.00 cap, we've fed this back already which you may find a post regarding this already on the community.



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