Help to pay account balance when can't access account

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my sim only contract was cancelled when 3 advised getting pac code to take number

have £2.05 owing - direct debit cancelled automatically - have reinstated this but was not taken by IDmobile _ I can't contact anyone or my account as says does not exist. Tried to register another account, but says I already have one, but then can't access it 

have spend hours on the typing chat thing but get no- where as say to register when already have 

they have sent me codes to put in to reset - but nothing happens 

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Hi @steveinhastings,

I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t manage to get into your account. You can call our automated telephone service on 0333 003 7777 from a landline or other mobile and then to make a payment, you can select option 2 once the automated message has ended.


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Hi Ryan thanks for that 

I tried it and it said there was an unknown error - it then tired to put me through to someone, then just got recorded message saying that they were unavailable due to corvid & to go online for support options  then call was terminated…. so not sure what to do now 

is there an address that I can send a cheque to ? 


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Hi Steve.

Are you calling up from a different iD Mobile number than the one you’re trying to make a payment from?

If you’re calling from a landline or any other network, you should be able to enter the iD Mobile number in (the phone number for the account you’re wanting to pay a bill on) and the balance will be confirmed to you before you go forth with payment details etc.

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Thanks Kevin 

I put in the number of the original ID mobile number & it worked !! 


brilliant !! much appreciated

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Glad to hear @Kevin got this sorted for you, @steveinhastings. Do let us know if you ever need help with anything else at all.


Thank you,