restricted account due to non-payment

  • 17 December 2020
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Hi my account is restricted, the bill is paid and I urgently need to make a phone call to my bank, about a stolen card


I can't speak to anyone on the phone or on chat







6 replies

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Hello @Knewbold,

Has this since been lifted?


I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting the bar lifted. This usually lifts witihn 24-hours of the payment.

Let us know if this still hasn’t,



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Sorry for not catching this one sooner @Knewbold 

If you had made a payment to ourselves, then you should have had your services back on within 2 hours usually.  Sometimes 24 hours in rare instances.

If it was a collection agency the payment was made to then it wouldn’t be until they sent details through to notify us that the payment was received that things would be back on.  That can be between 1-3 days.

In any case, you can reach our Live Chat Team if you need this looking at sooner.


Did things resolve themselves?

My ID account is suspended. Hve paid bill online direct. . Account says I'm up to date but still can't make calls. When will this be lifted? Thanks 

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Hello @Juanita,

This would be lifted within an hour of the payment being made.

Can you confirm if this has since been lifted or if the services are still affected?




Great. Many thanks 

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No worries @Juanita,


Please do let us know if ever you need anything else.