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Text charges to 66299 - (Premium SMS)

  • 1 November 2019
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Just been made aware that for the last two months have been charged £4.50 per month for receiving a text message that I was unaware of from 66299.



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Hello @Shooey,


iD Mobile does not directly charge you for this so we're not able to provide a refund. The subscription charges us which we place onto your bill.


The text subscriptions are only signed up from the user end not by the network so we're not able to stop these or unsubscribe. To stop the subscription by texting them back incurs a charge but it will stop any further messages.


There's a regulatory body called the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) who regulate these. If you believe that this was signed up in error and are disputing the charges, you can make a complaint via the PSA here: https://psauthority.org.uk


PSA should be able to help further as well as give you more information on this. They will be able to help you stop receiving further subscriptions as well as assist in recovering any monies paid.


Please also see the following article: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/im-being-charged-for-unwanted-premium-rate-text-messages



I received and got charged by this number too. I did not sign up to these text subscriptions.

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I received and got charged by this number too. I did not sign up to these text subscriptions.


Hey @bm24,

Sorry to hear that.


Please see above the steps you’ll need to follow.



I've had the same problem for the last few months and have only just noticed it on my bill. I also haven't subscribed to anything and have received no messages to be able to reply to stop any such subscription. Is it possible for your ID as my service provider to block or stop this from happening? Surely you should be able to protect your paying customers? 

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Hi there @AmyLou

It would end up causing a heck of a lot more problems than it would solve if we were to block such texts from coming in.

A lot of companies such as charities, and any companies that send you security codes to your phone to confirm who send messages via these 5 digit text-message prefixes.


Texts such as those aren't something we'll of had any hand in, but we can guide you with how to get those stopped, and anything taken refunded to you by the perpetrators.

Firstly, pop the number that has text you in here: https://psauthority.org.uk/for-consumers/service-checker

You will then be able to get contact details for the company behind that.  Ask them to remove you from any subscriptions they have and ask for a refund and you should get all that resolved there.

If you have any further problems with that, then please escalate the matter to the Phone-paid Service Authority (https://psauthority.org.uk) as they're the regulator for such things.

- Kevin


This has happened to me twice before and in order to stop the texts just send the text “STOP ALL” to the number and they will stop the messages although it will cost around 20p to text them back :)


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