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Why your bill might look a little different after your upgrade or plan change

  • 9 April 2020
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I’ve just upgraded/changed my price plan

Following an upgrade or a change of price plan you will notice some things look a little different on the bill following this change. This is called ‘Pro Rata’ billing and it involves part charges and refunds; it can sound a little daunting and look a little confusing but below we have explained what this means and how it’ll look on your next bill.




What is pro rata billing?


Your billing month is the period of time when your plans allowances start and finish.

We always bill you a month in advance for the standard cost of your monthly agreement.

However, when you upgrade your plan you will see some changes on your next bill that may be confusing and be a little higher than your usual bill.


Pro rata explained

As stated, we charge you for your next month in advance, but when you upgrade your new plan starts straight away.

For example - your billing month runs from the 1st to the 31st and you upgrade your package on the 18th of the month.


  • You will be billed for the amount of days on your current package (the 1st to the 18th)
  • You will be credited the unused days on your current plan (the 19th- 31st)
  • You will be charged for the remaining days of your billing month on the new plan (19th – 31st)
  • And as always, be charged the month ahead on the new plan.


This will mean the bill following your upgrade will be a little higher than usual and will be explained when you are changing your plan.



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