DD Failed - can i pay same day with card

  • 27 June 2024
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Hi. Due to an issue with my payroll dept, my salary wasnt in at midnight and my monthly DD failed before i had notice about banking issue, and could get alt funds into account.

Payment is showing as successful on bill... but has been rejected by bank. I would like to pay balance now on the actual due date with my card to avoid being late to allow my account to be in credit and never overdue. 

Can you confirm if balance is paid with card today, is it policy for ID mobile try to take DD again... (i do not want duplicate payment).  Can this be stopped if i cancel DD at bank, or would it be better to wait for the second attempt, or will this reflect as a late payment? 


Sorry for the essay. I've just left it too late to speak to an advisor and in 2 minds about duplicate payments... I could potentially have several as I've had several missed payments today and trying to pay them with card 



1 reply

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Hey there @Jro, welcome to Community!


If a direct debit is active, and payment not taken or it failed, then payment would automatically be attempted to be taken up-to 5-days after the original payment date. If not taken then, the direct debit would then cancel itself, and manual payment would be needed.


Did you manage to get this sorted with us?


Thank you,