Puchasing a pay monthly phone plan

  • 27 June 2024
  • 2 replies

After logging into my account and selecting a plan, for example the £20 unlimited data, minutes and texts for the month plan, I get to the payment page, type in my card payment details and the page briefly says “oops something went wrong” and then I’m back to the previous page before payment.

there seems to be no way that I am able to pay for any plan I want. I have tried with multiple cards and have checked my name and address details! Please help?

2 replies

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Perhaps try the iD Mobile telephone sales team, @pwfarthing

Contact this team on 020 7139 1397 - the sales advisors work between 9am - 6pm.

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Hey there @pwfarthing, welcome to Community!


We hope you were able to get in touch with our sales team, or managed to upgrade via the app/website.


Please let us know if not.