Apps to help you manage your money

  • 30 December 2019
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Apps to help you manage your money
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We’ve all done it – overspent during the festive period and suddenly found ourselves a little lighter than we’d like to be come January. No need to fear, it’s easy to get back in control of your finances when you’ve got the right tool for the job, and we’ve got you covered.

Did you know, Brits spend 4.9 billion on Christmas nights out, tell more than 154 million cracker jokes every year and eat two Christmas dinners over the festive period on average? (Though we won’t tell if your total is higher!) So after all that indulgence, when you’re ready to get your spending back under control, we’ve got 4 apps to help you get started.



Get ahead with your finances and enjoy that feeling of knowing your money is fully managed with the Mint app. By bringing together your bank account, credit cards, bills and investments all in one place, it can help you fully track your finances – so you can see the whole picture.

Set yourself a spending budget, see where you can save money and check your credit score for free as many times as you’d like. Mint is available on both Apple and Android – and you can sign up for free!


Apple users have rated 4.7

Android users have rated 4.6



Understand your spending, view your bank and credit cards side by side, and view your upcoming debits, bills and subscriptions. With the Yolt app, you can completely alter your attitude towards your money, and form healthier spending habits – you can even create charts from your spending history and see your averages. Get it for free on both Android and iOS.


Apple users have rated 4.5

Android users have rated 3.1



You’ve probably already heard of Monzo, but if you haven’t, you’re welcome! 40,000 people have already opened a Monzo account to start managing their money better, and it couldn’t be simpler. Put your salary into Monzo and you can sort your money between savings, bills and spending with just a couple of taps, which means you can’t overspend.

The Monzo app is available on Android and iOS, and it’s totally free, so it’s worth checking out.


Apple users have rated 4.6

Android users have rated 4.3


Starling Bank

If you want an app that alerts you to every little spending or payment so you can get a real insight into where your money is going, the Starling Bank app will help you understand your spending habits better. Best of all, there’s no fees for using your card abroad, and with the handy Settle Up feature, you can split a bill super easily – no bank details or codes necessary, just a single link and you’re all squared up. Get it on both iOS and Android.

Apple users have rated 4.9

Android users have rated 4.7

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