Mario Kart is on mobile!

  • 25 September 2019
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Mario Kart is on mobile!
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Great news for mobile gamers! Nintendo’s new Mario Kart game is now available on iOS and Android. It’s called Mario Kart Tour, and we’re glad to report that it looks amazing. 3-2-1-GO!

Mario Kart has been a big deal in the gaming world for over 25 years now. As far as we’re concerned here in iD Community HQ, it’s the best racing game of all time. Sure, Need for Speed and Gran Turismo are great. But there’s only one game that lets you throw banana peels and turtle shells into the path of your competitors. And now, that game is available on your mobile phone, in the shape of Mario Kart Tour!


What will Mario Kart Tour be like on mobile

Mario Kart Tour is massive, with a whopping 64 courses spread across 16 different cups. Nintendo says that the courses are inspired by real-life locations (there’s one called New York Minute) along with a few classics from the Mario Kart series.

There are 30 different drivers to choose from, with all your favourite racers making an appearance, from cute Baby Daisy to the dastardly Bowser.

As for the gameplay, well, see for yourself below. It’s your typical Mario Kart behaviour of tearing round the track, collecting power ups and using them to get ahead of the competition.



Bonus challenge courses will also come into play, where you might need to do something other than simply win the game. And there’s a new Frenzy mode, which gives you an unlimited supply of a certain item and makes you invincible for a short period of time.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Nintendo has also promised us a few “special challenges that put a twist on the classic Mario Kart formula.”


When is Mario Kart Tour coming out on mobile?

It’s out now, folks! Nintendo officially released Mario Kart Tour on Wednesday 25th September 2019.


Which phones can I play Mario Kart on?

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS & Android devices.


How can I get Mario Kart Tour on mobile?

You can download Mario Kart Tour for free right now. If you’ve got an iPhone, get it from the App Store here. If you’ve got an Android phone, get it from Google Play here.

And that’s all there is to it! Mario Kart Tour is free to download and play, although there are a few in-game purchases to help you unlock courses and characters.

Have you played Mario Kart Tour yet? If so, what do you think of it? Is it as good you were hoping? Even better? Share your thoughts with the rest of the Community by posting a reply below!

9 replies

Had a few races already and it's well suited for a phone, definitely recommend giving it a go
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That's great @BenK I also downloaded it and definitely recommended it to my friends, it works well on phones. 😁
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Work really well on s9 it’s amazing, so addictive
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Best playing with friends
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That’s great @NH101
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I've put a couple of hours into it so far, and the game has well exceeded my expectations.

I think this is the best of the Nintendo mobile game releases as of yet. Super Mario Run being a close-second, and we don't count Pokémon Go as that was Niantic's baby (using the Pokémon license from Nintendo).

The most important thing for me is that the spirit of Mario Kart is captured really well. They've not had to simplify it all too much, nor is it overly complicated. A great balance for a mobile game experience.

The control scheme is the best I think you could ask for as a mobile game, and it's great to see the game doesn't restrict how much you can play by making you need to wait or anything. Every race makes you feel like you've made some progress (levelling up stats, collecting coins, or making progress through the cups). and the rewards handed out give you a satisfying feel of achievement.

There are several nice new ideas in the game that I think would be great to implement in future console released games too. The remixed tracks for one. It's great to see some retro tracks brought back for this game along with their familiar stage themes too. It'll be interesting to see what other tracks and characters get added over time.

Nintendo. Keep up the good work!
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@Kevin I agree, I didn't really enjoy the mobile version. 🙄 It wasn't work properly on my phone either.
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Best playing with friends

It hasn't been announced yet when the multiplayer aspect of the game will be launched.

Separately. I've had a lot of fun this week with the new Tokyo Tour though.