Netflix experimenting with haptic feedback

Netflix experimenting with haptic feedback
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Feel the ‘buzz’ while watching Netflix on your mobile…

If you’re used to playing games on modern consoles, then you’re probably all too familiar with that now classic effect of the controller vibrating during those intense mass shoot-outs and explosions.

The effect is known as haptic feedback, and it’s a brilliant way to let the player feel like they’re really part of the experience, and now some clever engineers at Netflix want to see if they can incorporate the idea into the mobile app.

"You're watching your favourite episode of Voltron when, after a suspenseful pause, there's a huge explosion — and your phone starts to vibrate in your hands."

The experiment is called the ‘Project Rumble Pack’, and the intention is to make mobile users feel more engaged while watching on their phone. Even if you find your attention drifting, that buzz in your hand will surely draw your eyes back to the screen so you don’t miss those epic moments.

Some viewers could adore this feature, such as commuters or people who like to regularly watch on-the-go, but what about when you just want to fit in a quick episode in bed? You’ll probably want to turn it off…

It’s all just an experiment right now though, so we’ll have to be patient to see if Netflix even decide to roll out the feature to all mobile users. One thing’s for sure, we’re buzzing to find out!

What are your thoughts on Netflix's phone vibration plans?

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