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Samsung forever, big screen, big memory, big core processor, big beautiful phones.
Samsung always easy to use even my wife gets along fine with the samsung and she's no technical wizard.
Motorola FTW!
andriod phone is the best don,t bother with any other. just forget the rest, easy to use an browse the net . Theres lots of phones from samaung nokia but ill stick with my andriod i feel there the best ,
I love Samsung Galaxy and I'd is best phone network
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Huawei because it just works. No fuss, no problems.

Top performance and nice design for a lot less money than the big brands.
I love my Samsung. Tried other brands but returned to Samsung. In my opinion Samsung is offering all necessary services and tools, never had a problem.
Apple all the way my whole family has an iPhone so easy to use
been on Samsung for last 3 years ticks all the boxes for me .

Used to love Nokia till ruined. Although now back on the scene and sound to be great phones, i switched to Huawei P10, amazing phone, camera and screen. Now looking at the upgrades.
I like Android Sony
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Android - more choice and not tied to rip off apple
Samsung S range, currently S7 edge. Never lags, slows down or fail to load anything. Never had any issues with battery life either and love the camera, especially in dark places.
Apple! Once you go Apple, you never go back... at least I won’t.
Apple fan boy, they just work.
Oh it's got to be Samsung, so easy to use and to be fair I've probably got so used to them I wouldn't know where to start with anything else.
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Huawei or Sony
ROCK steady Sumsung.

No rotten apples here !
Sony forever, cheep, easy to use and really hard to break 🙂
Android, without a doubt. I've used others, but I find Android phones to be the best overall.
Ulefone. My phone cost £110, is IP68 waterproof, shockproof, and works from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius. The performance is equivalent to a Samsung S8 at a fraction of the cost.