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Never heard of Ulefone
Never beard of Ulefone is it a foreign make
Apple to the core 🍏🍎
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Android - most cost effective solution
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I have always bought Samsung galaxy since the S2 as they have everything I need from a phone and a whole lot more, hey you can even phone and speak to people from one, it's not just a camera, lol xxx
I have been with Apple for sometime but I am thinking of switching when I next buy a phone.
Samsung for many years already ❤️
Samsung are so innovative and have loads of free apps. Links well with my computer - photos download without any fuss.
Android and Samsung all the way. Started out with Galaxy S3 and now using Galaxy S9. Love their designs and innovation. Recently purchased a Galaxy A5 for my daughter.
Apple every time. Every android phone I have had has been an absolute pain. Nothing works together. Constantly having to rebuild the software. And the last one, battery running down in minutes and constantly too hot to hold.

Apple phones just work.
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Without a doubt, Samsung is the only brand I'll go for. I used to be an iPhone phanatic but the extortionate cost to buy or have one paid monthly, combined with the fact they break/smash so easily is why I switched to Samsung and will not go back. They are just as intuitive, you can afford to get more more memory for your monthly line rental and having had my A5 for 12 months, there's still not a crack or dent on it (no scratches either thanks to a cheap plastic cover) regardless of it being dropped at least once a day! I love it. Samsung all the way xxx
Motorola. Moto g4 is great value. No bloated apps. Rugged design.
Samsung. It fits comfortably in my hand. Got everything I need on it. Just easy to use for me has I'm hopeless with phones.
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I'm an android girl - Google runs my life for me haha. At least that way I get the choice of loads of phones too.
Samsung android.

Does all I want from a phone, and then samsung tv has been good so bought a samsung phone last time I upgraded
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Definitely an Android Addict - and been sticking to Samsung for some time - familiarity breeds content(ment)!
I’d go with Apple, there simple and easy to use.
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Always provide quality with effectiveness and efficiency. Out there competing and striving to be the best
Motorola 5 for me such a great value for money phone
I love my Android phone! It's a few years old now and sometimes it's very laggy and slow, but it's my first smartphone and it has introduced me to the world of apps and monthly plans for minutes/data/texts. Beats the old days of asking up how much texts cost when I used my 3310! I look forward to trying out a newer handset.
I just love my iPhone. Always seem to have had one and it's time for an upgrade so 100 would be great 💥
I have always liked Samsung for tablets and phones and much cheaper than Apple products.
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Android for ever.
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Love my Huawei- so great for the price!