Top 10 most loved community articles

  • 1 November 2019
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Top 10 most loved community articles
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It’s been a whole year since our first Community newsletter, and we’re celebrating!

Since we started the Community newsletter a year ago, we’ve posted all kinds of articles for iD Mobile users to enjoy. From helpful guides on how to get the most out of your new phone, to the best camera phones, to the most addictive apps and games, we love engaging with you and making your smartphone experience even better. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading them, and that they’ve proved helpful along the way.

Don’t worry though, this is only the beginning. We’ve got some great features, how-to guides and competitions lined up for the coming year. In the meantime, though, here are the top 10 most loved Community articles from the past year:


1.What is Wi-Fi Calling and why should you use it?

Our guide to Wi-Fi calling has proved very popular. If you’re still not sure what it is, Wi-Fi calling is a handy way to call and text when you’re in an area with poor phone signal.

Many handsets are compatible with Wi-Fi calling and setup is easy. For iPhone users, you can switch on Wi-Fi calling in Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling. For Android phone users, it tends to vary by manufacturer, but the process is largely the same. So, next time you’re in a remote service station or hotel in the countryside, you’ll be able to call just as easily as at home.


2.14 uses for your old phone

To commemorate World Environment Day, we’ve shared 14 ways to keep your old phone in use to encourage you to think twice before putting it in the customary ‘tech graveyard’ drawer. You could use your old handset as a home security camera with a decent webcam app, music player, alarm clock or digital photo frame. And if none of those suggestions tempt you, why not donate it to your local charity shop?


​​​​​​​3.European Language Day

Here at iD, we love apps that make learning a new skill easier, more digestible and fun. So to celebrate European Language Day, we’ve posted our top 5 language apps that we think are perfect for helping you on the road to multilingualism.


4.9 mobile security tips to remember when you’re out and about

Is your smartphone secure when you’re out and about? Mobile security attacks are on the increase. So help you out, here are nine mobile security tips to keep your handset safe from harm.


5.RIP HQ Trivia. Long live Quiz Planet!

Do you miss the mobile quizzing excitement of HQ Trivia? Are you looking for a new quiz game that pits your wits against your family and friends? Then make Quiz Planet your next destination.


6.7 top tips for staying in touch with friends

With our lives becoming increasingly hectic, finding the time to make that call isn’t always easy. But, as always, technology is here to help. Here are some great tips for keeping in touch with your mates, no matter how far apart you live from each other.


7.7 tips to stay connected this summer

Holidays, festivals, parties in the park… whatever you’re up to over the summer, you don’t want to miss a thing. So, make sure your mobile connection is the best it can be to help you keep in touch when you’re out and about. Check out our connection top tips for maximum fun in the sun.


8.How to beat your post-holiday blues

Let’s face it, sometimes you get back from holiday and feel like you need another one. As soon as you’re back to the commute on a rainy old Monday morning, it can seem like you’ve never been away. So, we’ve put together a few hints and tips, together with helpful links and apps, to help you beat those post-holiday blues and arrive at work with a positive attitude. And, if you haven’t been away yet, read on, a little pre-holiday planning can make it much easier when you do get back.


9.5 ways your phone can save Christmas

Christmas should be a time of fun and relaxation. But it can also be extremely stressful. From buying the wrong presents to undercooked turkey, it’s full of potential pitfalls. 
That’s where your smartphone can help. Because by downloading a few handy apps, you can avoid any of the usual festive missteps and mishaps. Sitting comfortably? Then let us show you five ways your phone can save Christmas…


10.Our latest smartphones

If you’re looking to upgrade to a new phone, you’re in the right place. Amazing new handsets are being launched all the time - so to help you choose the right one, here’s our roundup of the very best.

So, those are our top 10 Community articles this year. Have our guides helped solve a phone issue you’ve had? What’s your favourite Community article this year? Let us know below!

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