Cancelling contract without access to phone number


I bought an ID pay monthly SIM card a couple of years back with the intention of transferring my old number to it to keep it active while I was abroad for a year. I ended up not transferring my number and just forgot about the SIM, but realised a little while back I’m still paying a fiver every month for it and need to cancel it.

I’ve finally dug out my original direct debit letter so now have the phone number, ref number and service user number for my account - but I never used the SIM and have no idea where it is so I can’t get a code sent to me to set up an account to cancel the contract!

Live chat isn’t available so I’m not sure how to get hold of anyone to sort this out - has anyone been in a similar situation or know what I can do to cancel? 

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Hi @sophiebee_ 

I have sent you a private message with more information. 



I have a very similar problem. I have a sim without a phone that i need to cancel.  Bought it thinking i needed it but then didn’t. 


How can i cancel the contract?


I can’t register online as i don;t have a unlocked phone that can use the sim. 


Any help is much appreciated



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HI @adamn

I have responded to you on your previous post. Please let us know if you need any further assistance.



Hi  I have id mobile phone that I need to cancel the contract.  I no longer have the SIM.

Please can somebody advise me how to do this????


Many thanks


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Hi @lisa001 

Welcome to iD Community.

So sorry to hear you want to leave us at iD Mobile.

This has all the information on how to cancel your contract.

Please keep your Direct Debit open, the reason you should is - After your 30 days’ notice period ends, your plan will close, and we’ll issue your final bill. This bill will need to be paid by Direct Debit within 14 days. This is for your line rental, any out-of-plan usage up to the point of cancellation, and an early cancellation fee if it applies. If your Direct Debit fails (and it’ll obviously fail if you’ve cancelled it), your future credit rating might be affected – so please keep your Direct Debit open! 

You can also contact our Live Chat team who are able to assist with account related support.  

They’re available between 9am - 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

We are running a limited service via webchat so you may experience extended waiting times. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

Unfortunately, we’re currently working on reduced staff due to COVID-19, and the team are extremely busy, so the Live Chat button may not always appear as ‘available’. If so, it may be a matter of waiting on the page, until the button appears blue, indicating that an agent is available.

No need to refresh the page, this will happen automatically.

Let us know how you get on.



Hi Pearl

Thankyou for contacting me so quickly. 


Although I do not have the SIM any more, I do have the mobile phone number if that's any help.  07428 533036.



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Hi @lisa001 

I’ve sent you a direct message with further information.