Cancelling Sim

  • 24 July 2020
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For the last 2 months I have been trying to cancel my daughter SIM card. It says on her account cancellation pending. It still hasn’t been cancelled and I’m STILL paying. 
who can I talk to. This is ridiculous? 
I spoke to someone on a chat about a month again. Who was useless. 

3 replies

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Hi there @VRaw 

Did you make a request to disconnect through the iD Mobile App?  Disconnection requests are generally a 30-day notice period, so it would be a month from your request before the services came to an end.

Have you not had a text to the SIM to indicate a date when the disconnection is set for?

can mobile id can you please cancel my sim

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Hi @gigie1979,

If it was a 30-day disconnection that was processed you would need to wait 30 days for the contract to disconnect.

Unfortunately we are unable to disconnect the SIM earlier but please do let us know if the SIM hasn’t disconnected after the disconnection date.